Rhododendron repens `Rotkäppchen´ lives up to its name! This variety captivates with its bright red colour and catches everyone’s eye.



The Exochorda macrantha `The Bride´ rises up like a white cloud; the wealth of small snow white-blossoms is really impressive.

Malus-sargentii-Solitare Malus-sargentii-Solitar

Flowering ornamental apples such as Malus sargentii und Malus `Evereste´ make not only gardeners’ hearts beat faster with their numerous flowers in pink and white – they make the bees happy, too.
Rhododendron-English-Roseum-Schirm_250-300-2 _056

Rhododendron catawbiense `Bousault´ as an umbrella shape – a wonderful eye-catcher in pink!


Trimmed pines amongst the flowers can provide a little quiet – here pinus mugo as living stones.