Spring delivery

The box tree spheres with a diameter of 120 cm have gone to Munich and now grow in a beautiful garden at the English Garden. In combination with peonies, Cornus kousa and hydrangea, fantastic garden pictures have come into being.


Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ solitary tree as an espalier in Hamburg. This one is planted as a high hedge in front of a Taxus hedge. A very special garden border that convinces due to the size of the plants used.


The malus sargentii umbrella now grows at the Baltic Sea with Taxus baccata and Carpinus betulus ‘Monumentalis’.


We loaded this truck with deciduous trees – here Tilia cordata – for a construction project in Munich.


The large Amelanchier lamarckii could still be dug up after flowering. Here it is on its way to its new location at a public swimming baths in Hamburg.