Umbrella Plants

Summer has arrived! On the patio, umbrella plants are natural sun shades. One clear advantage that these exclusive plants have over common sun shades, is that they are weatherproof and do not have to be folded away when it is raining or is windy.

You can spend relaxing hours reading under the perfect shape of the hornbeam umbrella (Carpinus betulus).


Among the false cypress plants, it is above all the smaller specimens which are known. This size, the Chamaecyparis pisifera Plumosa Aurea is a true rarity! The 35 year old trees give your patio a very special flair.


This umbrella shape of the Wisteria sinensis is gnarled and very special: It blossoms before the leaves shoot. The velvety pods decorate the plant after the blossom.


The umbrella shape of a Cydonia oblonga Portuguese pear quince is a real eye-catcher. It is characterized by both a very beautiful blossom and large, yellow fruits which are marvellously suited to make a delicious jelly.


From May to June, the rare American Yellowwood – Cladastris lutea blossoms with delicious smelling, white hanging grapes. In the autumn, the leaves of the winter-hardy flowering tree turn pale yellow.


One umbrella plant is as perfect as the next: The umbrellas of these ancient Taxus baccata have been being pruned for several decades and therefore they are optimally shaped.