We’re here for you in the winter, too!

We don’t let winter stop us. We discover the most beautiful and suitable plants and trees from all over the world, also in the coldest season. Plants look especially impressive and develop a mysterious beauty when covered in frost.

Here we have a selection of our favourites for the cold season as an inspiration for you – so there’s nothing standing in the way of a special garden.

Callicarpa bod Profusion Detail

The purple berries of the Callicarpa bodinieri giraldii ‘Profusion’ give the winter an intense colour.

Ilex aqui J C van Tol Detail2

The red berries of the Ilex aquifolium ‘J.C. van Tol’ brightens up the grey winter days with a beautiful tone.

Magnolia stellata 125-150_014

The Magnolia stellata survives through even the iciest winter.

Pinus densiflora Low Glow30-40-3_078

The Pinus densiflora ‘Low Glow’ covered in frost catches everyone’s eye in every gardens.

Pinus mugo Mops leb Steine100-125-4_020

Pinus mugo ‘Mops’ (living stones) is always a vivacious green and defies the cold weather.

Taxus baccata 500-550_006

This Taxus baccata is the perfect companion for Christmas time: well built, evenly grown and pointed.