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Tree Hunters' Trophies

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Pinus sylvestris umbrella shaped multi-stemmed 180 100-50x200-225_066

Parrotia persica umbrella shaped 2 basic stems twisted 400-450x300-350_295

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 3 basic stems 40-50 stem height 270 250-350x600-700

Carpinus betulus box shape

Taxodium distichum in autumn dress

Platanus acerifolia head candelabra 200-250 100-150 x 100-150_378 (9)

Cornus kousa Satomi half-standard300-350

Quercus-robur Stbu Sth. 80-120-140

Acer triflorum 400-450_006

Taxus baccata flat spheres2 50-300 x 100-120_378 (12)

Carpinus betulus archway and Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' pyramid base 70x70cm height 280cm






Quercus imbricarica multi-stemmed

Parrotia persica ball shape450cm

Extraordinary big Magnolia tripetala

Prunus lusitanica 300-400x500-600

Prunus subhirtella 'Accolade' 700-800 x 800-900

Taxus baccata fantasy


Wisteria sinensis Sol. 300x300cm

Ulmus Saporro Autumn Gold 300-400x500-600_175

Taxus baccata flat sphere160-180-200_174 (3)

Quercus dentata Carl Ferris Miller 200-250x350-400

Prunus lusitanica umbrella tree 250x160-180

Pinus sylvestris

Metasequoia glyptostroboides 120-140_006

Ilex aquifolium Washington sphere 90-100

Hydrangea macrophylla Alpenglühen C90 120-140

Heptacodium miconiodes H 20-25cm

Fagus sylvatica purpurea Trunk 200 125 x 125 x 125 30-35

Fagus sylvatica Pupurea Säule 100x100x400

Carpinus betulus archway 500x700

Betula pendula 2-3 Gst. 500-700cm

On its way to new habitat

Acer campestre Elsrijk 30-350 trunk 230 140x140x160

Quercus phellos roof form 250x250-40-45


Malus toringo umbrella lying 250-300cm Stammumfang 30-40cm



Parrotia persica scenic umbrella 200-300x250-300

Apple in varieties 40-50cm_006(5)

Heptacodium miconioides umbrella shape 300-350_006

Quercus phellos 45-40_002 (2)

Parrotia persica 250-300x200-250

Cornus controversa Varegiata Co 300-350

Tree Broker in Action

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Market Overview

We visit excellent tree nurseries all over Europe regularly and therefore, we are aware of availabilities and possible alternatives for our very extensive portfolio of plants. Our collaboration with specialists secure the best trees for you!

Custom-fit Plants

8-metre-high, perennially cut beech tree hedging elements? Or XXL hydrangea umbrellas? The lime tree espalier with 6 levels? We look for and find or cultivate custom-fit plants for you!

Personal Selection

The right tree for inside the house, 70-year-old bonsai trees, espalier fruit or a whole avenue – we know what to pay attention to when choosing plants and guarantee top quality by selecting plants personally (on request with labels).


We make all the arrangements for transportation, even for large trees of up to 9 tons in weight: from selecting your plant personally at the nursery, to the loading and then the transportation to your site.


The treebrokers, Katharina and Maike are, for me, the best and most reliable suppliers of plants! They provide me with top support for implementing all design ideas – visions come alive with them. I appreciate their support in overviewing the European plant market – we have the same high understanding of quality!

Claudia Schaaf, CEO, Beran Gärten

I’ve been a Treebroker fan since the word go! And currently in love with a gnarled, fifty-year old tamarisk. I love the service! The imagination! The passion! The value for money!
In my opinion, Katharina von Ehren and Maike Rohde are like a matchmaking service for plants. You learn there is not only the dream man, who is the perfect partner for you, there is also the dream tree. Whereas, and this is what I find really convenient; the dream tree, once you have found it, will never run away.

Dr. Katja Kessler, Author


Katharina von Ehren

After graduating with a degree as Diplom-Ingenieurin in landscape architecture, the trained nursery gardener started her career at a tree broker on the east coast of the USA. She then worked at the Lorenz von Ehren tree nursery for 14 years. Today, it is her enthusiasm for trees and other plants, passion for learning and travelling that lead her to the best nurseries in Europe and to the exciting projects with her initiators.

Email to Katharina von Ehren
Maike Rohde

An apprenticeship in gardening and landscaping, studying to become a landscape architect (Dipl.Ing.), several years’ working in the USA and also positions in the Autostadt Wolfsburg, OBI and plant business Lorenz von Ehren, helped her develop a deep understanding for the planning requirements of landscape architects. Today, her competence in all questions regarding plants ensure successful customer projects.

Email to Maike Rohde


What’s new at the International Tree Brokers? Deciduous trees, conifers, ground cover plants, hedge plants, climbing plants, shrubs, rhododendrons or roses: If we find a particularly beautiful plant or the perfect tree for a certain garden, you will hear about it here. Or if we win a prize. We also have interesting tales to tell about the delivery of many a giant tree to its site.

Gift of trees

There are occasions which require a special present! If you give a tree you give life itself. Make a gift that guarantees a lasting impression – one that makes sense and is sensual, sustainable and ecological.

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