Archways and Gazebos

Would you like a cosy pergola or to walk through an archway? We offer archways in many foliage colours and in different sizes.

Carpinus betulus Archway, 8 – 9 m high

Arch of Fagus sylvatica and Fagus sylvatica `Purpurea´

Quercus robur 3 x 3 m Archway

Pyrus salicifolia – Silver-leaved wild pear arch

We have even discovered Betula pendula `Purpurea´ archways.

Archway of Cornus mas in flower 3 x 3 m

Betula pendula archway 3 x 3 m

Anything goes! Angular shapes are also possible – Carpinus betulus 2 x 2.6 m

We recommend a gazebo for a relaxing afternoon with tea or coffee in the garden. It provides shade, protects you against the wind and looks good. Here is an impressive individual piece out of Carpinus betulus, 5 x 5 metres. Smaller versions out of Fagus and Carpinus are also available. Look forward to many cosy hours outdoors.