German Garden Book Award 2018 winners

At the beginning of March, the German Garden Book Award was presented again in twelve categories at Dennenlohe Castle. As a member of the jury, Katharina von Ehren had the chance to indulge in the books and would like to show her personal favourites here:

Sieger des Deutschen Gartenbuchpreises 2018

1st Place “Best Guide”

The reasoning for the jury choosing this for the 1st prize in the category of best guide says “Overall, it is a real treat for everyone interested in perennials. Christian Kreß is regarded as having outstanding knowledge about perennials. An ideal book for inspiration for the new design of flower beds in the springtime.”

Gartenratgeber Meine Welt der Stauden
“Best Guide”
Christian Kreß: Meine Welt der Stauden. Staudenbeete anlegen, pflegen und verändern; Ulmer Verlag 2017

2nd Place “Best Guide”

It is not only bees that pollinate – butterflies also take on this important job. Read about with which plants and garden structures butterflies can be encouraged and supported. With many informative tips and wonderful pictures!
Gartenratgeber Schmetterlinge
Bruno P. Kremer: Schmetterlinge in meinem Garten. Falterfreundlich gärtnern mit den richtigen Pflanzen; Haupt Verlag 2018

3rd Place “Best on Garden History Book”

A great, small book from the ‘Natural History’ series. The amazing natural and cultural history of the nettle – one of the most important wild crops that hold many surprises.

Buch zur Gartengeschichte Brennesseln
Ludwig Fischer: Brennnesseln. Ein Portrait; Matthes & Seitz Berlin 2017

You can have a close look at all award-winning books on We hope you enjoy reading them!