Magnificent Symposium 2016

The Tree-Broker-Symposium took place on 10th and 11th June in Berlin. Thanks to sunshine and great speakers our guests enjoyed every minute of this particularly professional, unique event.

At the beginning of the event we listened to in the former court building of Charlottenburg interesting speeches by:

  • Daniel Roehr
    Prof. Uni British Columbia, Canada, “Green Roofs-Shared Storm water”
  • Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig
    Prof. Uni Hohenheim, Stuttgart, “Living Plant Construction – Growing Architecture”
  • Dipl. Biol. Dr. Alina Schick
    Graviplant, Stuttgart, “Gravity Research and Vertical Greenery”
Katharina von Ehren and Maike Rohde greet the participants.

Underneath a fantastic lamp installation by the Canadian company BOCCI, we learned a lot of background information on the very topical theme of rain water management. Regarding the trend of growing architecture, we were fascinated by the talks on living plant construction – buildings from living plants – and rotating plants. Rotation enables horizontal growth on walls. Thus new green spaces can be developed in towns.

After short refreshments of canapés and cucumber water we left to go to the Gendarmenmarkt in the Belgian Embassy.

Simon van Renterghem, Economic Consultant, and Marc Struyvelt, commercial attaché, welcomed us.

Expert discussions in the green courtyard.
Jan Verlinden inspired with his lecture about Belgian plant design.

Finallly, a special treat: With Professor Dr. Michael Seiler we experienced a unique tour of Peacock Island, a gem located in the Havel. As a retired garden historian and garden director of the Foundation Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin – Brandenburg, Professor Dr. Seiler has been living in the landscape park for 36 years. We listened enthusiastically to his well-founded and humorous explanations and then picnicked on the meadow.

Lakes we experienced the beauty of the landscape from the boat. The successful ending to our symposium.

Thank you to all those involved!