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Acer palmatum `Osakazuki´ 700 x 500-600cm

For this wonderful, unique specimen – in transit on a flatbed truck with a wide load and escort vehicle – we found the perfect location in Munich.
By unloading the plant with a cross conveyor belt protection and with the help of a 250 tonne crane, it was possible to turn it several times and to align it optimally. The play of the shadow on the wall of the building delights just as much as the young budding and the imposing habitus!

Tilia x europaea `Kopfform´ Hochstamm, 30-40cm Stammumfang

It doesn’t always have to be pollard willows: Tilia x europaea in a head shape fits perfectly in the rural space. We selected the plants in bright sunshine; that was a great experience. The delivery and planting came soon after.

Fagus sylvatica Kastenform Hochstamm 30-40cm Stammumfang

These beautiful box shaped Fagus trees are going to Berlin this week. With their long-lasting foliage they provide sight protection in the winter, too!

Pieris japonica in Sorten

There is pieris japonica in XXL (150-200 x 150-175 cm) und in many varieties:

Pieris japonica `Bonfire´
Pieris japonica `Passion´
Pieris japonica `Variegata´

The colour of the flowers and the foliage can vary – they blossom early on in the spring which is delightful!

Taxus baccata Bienenkorbform auf Stämmen 300-400cm

Cone-shaped was yesterday – now the so-called beehive shapes are trendy. These specimens are trimmed perennially and the shape is also cut perennially.

Pinus mugo mughus – Windflüchter

Planned in advance and ideally adjusted to the situation on the patio: A “crooked” pinus mugo mughus conveys movement and still radiates calm.

Prunus yedoensis Solitär 200-300 x 350-400cm

An explosion of flowers at last! Selecting plants is even more fun in these conditions!

Rhododendron yakushimanum `Fantastica´

The compact growing Yakushimanum-Rhododendrons are at home on the Japanese island Yakushima. There they thrive in an exposed location on the mountain slopes. The colour of the flowers changes from pink to white. These buds announce the colourful spring time.