Plant Hunting – on the road for you

In the last few weeks we have discovered many great, unusual and beautiful plants in the various tree nurseries – we have compiled a small selection for you here:

A large Cornus kousa (flowering dogwood) ‘White Fountain’ – like a white cloud.

These mango fruits (Mangifera indica) are also almost ripe for harvest.

These originals from Japan are impressive time and time again. Here is a Pinus pentaphylla Bonsai that is about 70 years old and the bonsai shaped Enkianthus perrulatus.

Carpinus and Fagus hedge elements in long rows and in part up to 8 metres high.

This very beautiful ornamental apple variety Malus ‘Gorgeous’ has a rich fruiting – the fruits become a shiny red and up to 4 cm big in the autumn.

Without fail, this great Prunus lusitanica umbrella (Portugal laurel) provides a shady spot in the summer.

And while we look around in the tree nurseries, the cultural work there continues – partly with one HP when cultivating in a soil friendly way.