Pride and Benefit

The wonderful Cornus officinalis, Japanese cornel or `Robin’s Pride´ flower for almost six weeks. As a H-trellis or in the trellis with the branches down to the ground, they are a special feature and the pride of the garden!

Carpinus betulus as a semi-sphere or a spherical shape: A highlight in the winter, too. By pruning it over many years, a very dense structure of branches and twigs grows. Absolutely resilient.

It is a joy to choose and flag trees in the long rows!

Fagus sylvatica is also available in most beautiful spherical and semi-spherical shapes.

I fit should be green in the winter, too : Rhododendron-`Cunningsham’s White´, umbrella shape. The picturesque trees appear full of energy – the umbrella blossoms white in the spring – then we’ll report again.