Tilia europaea ‘Pallida’ Avenue – Farm in Lower Saxony

Tilia europaea 'Pallida' Avenue - Farm in Lower Saxony

For a long time, it was only a sandy path that lead to a farm in Lower Saxony. The owner’s wish was to plant a spacious avenue which should be integrated into the existing facility as a matter of course. We found 18 large emperor limes: Tilia europaea `Pallida ´ 300-400 x 700-900 cm trunk circumference 60-70 cm.

The trees that had been personally selected were delivered and positioned with the landscape architect Claudia Schaaf in accordance with the client’s wishes. Thorough preparation of the site, suitable trunk protection and also a correctly dimensioned lip for watering created optimum starting conditions. By using an underfloor anchoring, it seems as if the trees have been growing here for many years already.