Super spheres

Evergreen spheres such as Taxus and Buxus are now an integral part of many gardens.

Additionally, there are a large number of other interesting plants which are available in spherical shapes.

These Ilex crenata ´Convexa` spheres in 70-80 are perfectly cut and make an exciting combination with the shiny green leaves of the Prunus lusitanica ´Angustifolia´.

Attain red accents of colour with these Physocarpus opulifolius ´Diabolo´ spheres 90-100.

Privet spheres are very amenable to cutting and available in sizes from 70-80cm..

Thuja plicata ´Aurescens´ 100-110 is very dense and bushy after many years of being cut.

Pinus mugo ´Mops ´ 80-90 also has a perfect effect as a sphere and is a good addition to the evergreen plants.

These Taxus spheres are 200-220cm and have already been cut over several decades.